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Browsing ' Swingers Stories ' has become very dangerous habit because I read that you can only really work ( no woman was looking at me ) and I find that I'm getting less work and more money to spend more time reading ! I love sitting at my desk to take in these stories, enjoy the feeling of my penis grow eroticism and stories (my favorite) downright perverse. But I realize that this is not all the stories that I may be some swing my experience to remember, so that others may be in the hot work and found of help in any way, that Lady Luck has smiled on me and I have some great people have by the vibration of some of them yet ( changed the name itself ) in contact with the inclusion of Georgina, with whom I have enjoyed wild nights with her and her partner ( and occasionally other males meeting or two and met another woman). But one of the incidents, the majority, I shared with her is not the wild, but I thought it was more erotic and sensual. If one of our more 'complete ' sessions iGeorgina landed n the living room, I'm away from the crowds, I lay face up, naked as a razor, a little drunk and clips4sale beyond. Georgina, dressed also similar ( as they all were at that time) and also look out of it came to me on all fours and lay down on me and I in your mattress, what they like to do. This was not a sexual clips4sale thing, but finds it very relaxing and has fallen asleep on me in this situation a couple of times. After a bit of fondling and mutual ' ummm' is content to relax, we started to kiss a few minutes. Georgina is a great kisser, and sometimes just keep shit ' kiss. ' Acting on impulse, with my left arm I noticed the upper body toward me and wrapped her legs around him while pulling open her legs and setting down. Georgian happy, while fucked hard, so I knew I was not moved by these limitations. With my right hand I reached out and plays with clips4sale her pussy soaked with thisand some of my saliva as a lubricant, pushing my finger in the ass. Now Georgina loves to 'work his ass ' actually, I prefer to 'normal ' penetration. In that sense, I slowly took her finger in the ass. Almost immediately I felt his breathing starts to quicken, and I realized I hit ' in situ'. I continued this way for several minutes. The most rapid shallow breathing was stronger than it had for me. After only a few minutes of clips4sale this time the attention of Georgina and reaches a gentle, and as usual, very wet orgasm. We both have a 30 seconds or so relaxed and gave him clips4sale a second part with the same result........ and that's it. As I said, this was not the dirtiest, most wild and crazy as I had with her, but I remember them as the most sensual. I hope I did not get to my readers ?
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